Let’s talk, honey!

10.12.2021 / News

We have all consumed honey in our lives in some, or another form. In ancient times, honey was used as a sweetener until it got replaced in the seventeenth century by sugar. Luckily, there are things in life that sugar can’t replace.

One of many such things is the health benefits of honey. In addition to being a great source of antioxidants, honey is especially helpful in treating acute cough in children over one year old. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey help suppress coughs and soothe the throat.

Apteq, in collaboration with Galena Pharma, brings the goodness and richness of honey packed in a bottle, Mielikki, to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep for your loved ones. As many know, a child’s cough is a frequent and recurring discomfort that often gets worse at night. Mielikki offers a safe and effective treatment for acute cough and promises peaceful sleep for children and parents.

Learn more about Mielikki and keep the irritating cough at bay from your honey.

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Ilpo Kantanen
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