Product portfolio

We have a wide range of fully formulated products for our clients to choose from. We offer finished EU registered products for sale under clients’ labels in the following categories as cold & flu, gastrointestinal, skincare, women intimate care, bone, joint & muscle and immune health.


▪ tablets and sprays for flu
▪ gastrointestinal gas suppressants
▪ skin moisture barrier dressings
▪ wound cleaning solutions
▪ joint health
▪ cold gel
▪ ear care products
▪ stool softeners
▪ lactic acid-based products for vaginal mucosa protection
▪ oils for dry and irritated vaginal mucosa
▪ ointment for damaged skin
▪ cough liquid
▪ nose sprays


▪ skin care
▪ eye and ear products
▪ joint health
▪ vitamins and minerals


▪ vitamins and minerals
▪ products to boost immunity
▪ control release tablets and capsules
▪ titanium dioxide free -capsules
▪ vegan capsules
▪ acid resistant capsules
▪ amino acid


▪ skincare, lip care
▪ Solutions and gels
▪ ointments, creams and oils
▪ powders


▪ analgesics for human
▪ analgesics for veterinary use


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Is there a product on the list you would like to know more about? Or do you need assistance with product line extension or product upgrades? Kindly feel free to contact our expert directly or fill out the contact form and we will take it from there.

Sudipta Chatterjee
Sales and Marketing Manager