A step forward towards carbon neutrality

11.11.2022 / News

Galena is committed to supporting Finland’s climate program goal for carbon neutrality by 2035. For this, we have collaborated with Clonet Oy, a Finnish company that offers an OpenCO2.net tool for calculating carbon footprints. This information allows companies to make informed decisions on reducing the climate change impact caused by their business activities.

As part of our sustainable responsibility, identifying the carbon footprint of products is paramount, say our experts. Read the full article here.

We will share more news on our experience with carbon footprint evaluation and how we aim to contribute positively to reducing the overall carbon footprint of Galena Pharma Oy and its clients. So, stay tuned for greener news!

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Heidi Taipale

Heidi Taipale
Head of Regulatory Affairs and R&D, PRRC
heidi.taipale (at) galena.fi