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1.9.2021 / News

Having a resourceful and pragmatic product portfolio in the pharma industry is significant. It helps companies reinforce their best offering to their clients and end-users and provide secure health for all. Galena assists pharma companies in upgrading their product portfolio by offering over 300 products belonging to pharmaceuticals, medical devices & healthcare and sustaining a successful business.

Galena specializes in the complete lifecycle service of medical devices under ISO 13485 standard. We can offer everything from designing to manufacturing to releasing the finished product for sale into the market. We can expand our product range according to our client’s unique needs, thus letting our clients have the exact products they want. Also, our product development team can help clients with either developing new products or enhancing the existing products in their product portfolio.

In addition to regulatory affairs and PMS, our operations cover design, manufacture, final inspection, and sales for the categories of medical devices stated below.

  • Gastrointestinal gas suppressants
  • Skin moisture barrier dressings
  • Wound cleaning solution
  • Stool softener
  • Lactic acid-based products for vaginal mucosa protection
  • Oils for dry and irritated vaginal mucosa
  • Ointment for damaged skin

Presently, we have about 60 different medical devices, mainly class II a and class II b, that account for nearly half of our total sales.
Read more about our medical device services here.

On behalf of our clients, we can work as a legal manufacturer (CE holder) handling the obligations required by the law. Our experts can advise, inform and ultimately carry out any necessary technical documentation review and auditing required for your medical devices to remain compliant for the EU markets.

Contact our experts to review your current product portfolio or offer your product idea to our experts for further development.

Heidi Taipale

Heidi Taipale
heidi.taipale (at) galena.fi
Head of Regulatory Affairs and R&D, QPPV