25.1.2023 / Uutinen

Lääkinnällisen laitteen turvallisuusilmoitus / Fältsäkerhetsmeddelande av medicinteknisk produkt

KÄYTTÖTURVALLISUUTTA KOSKEVA ILMOITUS   TUOTTEEN NIMI JA ERÄNUMERO YA A-vitamiini Nenäsuihke pullo 25 ml Koteloissa eränumero: 0632212 Pulloissa eränumero: 063221 EXP 03 2024 VALMISTAJA Galena Pharma Oy Sammonkatu 10 70500 […]

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22.12.2022 / Uutinen

Season’s greetings from Galena Pharma!

Galena Pharma would like to thank all its partners and customers for their cooperation and support in 2022! This year an alternative to Christmas gifts, we have donated to the Lastenklinikoiden […]

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ISO 9001 certification
9.12.2022 / Uutinen

ISO 9001:2015 Certification Announcement

Galena Pharma is delighted to have been awarded ISO 9001 certification, confirming our competence and desire to effectively and efficiently provide a quality management system (QMS) while continuously improving our […]

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11.11.2022 / Uutinen

A step forward towards carbon neutrality

Galena is committed to supporting Finland’s climate program goal for carbon neutrality by 2035. For this, we have collaborated with Clonet Oy, a Finnish company that offers an OpenCO2.net tool […]

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CPHI Frankfurt
27.9.2022 / Uutinen

Galena Pharma at CPHI Frankfurt

Galena Pharma is participating in the CPHI event in Messe Frankfurt, Germany, 1-3 November 2022. Galena specializes in Medical devices: MDR-certified Ready-to-launch Innovative Our experts, Heidi Taipale and Janne Mäkelä, will attend CPHI […]

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16.9.2022 / Uutinen

Welcome to the team

Welcome to the team—our new Sales Director, Janne Mäkelä! We are excited and thrilled to have you lead our team. Janne brings over two decades of pharma experience and industry knowledge […]

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15.8.2022 / Uutinen

Galena offers titanium dioxide (TiO2) free solutions for product your needs

As is known, the EU initiated a ban on titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a food additive in February 2022, with a six-month transition period ending in August 2022, after which […]

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1.7.2022 / Uutinen

Galena Pharma is an EU MDR compliant manufacturer!

We are delighted to announce that Galena Pharma is officially certified under the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) by Eurofins Electric & Electronics Finland Oy (0537) on 1 July […]

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28.6.2022 / Uutinen

Upgrade your product portfolio with Galena’s private label products

Do you need a product line extension for your current brand or new products to upgrade your product portfolio? No worries, we got you covered. Galena has over 260 readily […]

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19.5.2022 / Uutinen

Meet our team

Five months ago, we had an open position for a maintenance manager at Galena. Three months fast forward, we have a competent, solution-focused, energetic professional working with us who is […]

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21.4.2022 / Uutinen

Galena at QA-päivä organised by Lääketietokeskus.

The most awaited training on quality assurance is here! And Galena is proud to be a part of it. Lääketietokeskus is organizing the annual QA päivä event on April 28 in Helsinki. […]

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8.4.2022 / Uutinen

What does ISO 14001 mean to us?

After successfully receiving ISO 14001 certification in March 2022, Galena is further working toward strengthening the company’s environmental responsibilities and goals. As we perform the most environmentally responsible operations with […]

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11.3.2022 / Uutinen

Galena announces successful ISO 14001 certification.

We are happy to share that Galena Pharma was awarded ISO 14001 certification on March 3, 2022. Contract development and manufacturing solutions provider, Galena Pharma, has been awarded certification for […]

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25.2.2022 / Uutinen

Kati, Galena’s latest recruit!

We have hired!  A month ago we announced a vacancy for purchasing specialist. We want to thank all the talented applicants who applied to Galena and chose this growing company […]

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14.2.2022 / Uutinen

Ear spray packing at Galena Pharma

Ear problems such as excess ear wax, dry and itchy canals, and ear canal infections are typical in families. For example, ear canal inflammation is one of the most common […]

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14.1.2022 / Uutinen

Haetaan hankinta-asiantuntijaa

Haemme joukkoomme ammattitaitoista hankinta-asiantuntijaa vastaamaan Galena Pharman hankinnoista, hankintatoimen ylläpidosta ja kehittämisestä. Tehtäväalueeseesi kuuluu mm: Oikea-aikaisten ostotilausten tekeminen Ostosopimusten arviointi ja kilpailuttaminen Vastuu varaston raporteista Materiaalireklamaatioiden hoitaminen Toimittajasopimusten tekemiseen osallistuminen […]

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20.12.2021 / Uutinen

Kiitos kuluneesta vuodesta ja onnellista uutta vuotta 2022!

Galena Pharma kiittää kaikkia yhteistyökumppaneitaan, asiakkaitaan ja seuraajiaan tuesta ja yhteistyöstä vuonna 2021! Vuoden aikana ympäristö on ollut toimintamme näkyvänä ydinteemana. Tänä vuonna toimintaamme on tahdittanut voimakkaasti ympäristövastuullisuus ja toimiemme […]

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10.12.2021 / Uutinen

Let’s talk, honey!

We have all consumed honey in our lives in some, or another form. In ancient times, honey was used as a sweetener until it got replaced in the seventeenth century […]

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26.10.2021 / Uutinen

Automated canula tube filling at Galena Pharma

Have a look at our latest video on automated capsule filling on LinkedIn! Our modern and leading-edge equipment can manufacture high and consistent quality products and provide solutions for unique […]

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1.9.2021 / Uutinen

Our medical device – your next bestseller

Having a resourceful and pragmatic product portfolio in the pharma industry is significant. It helps companies reinforce their best offering to their clients and end-users and provide secure health for […]

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9.8.2021 / Uutinen

Do you have a product idea that requires implementation? Let us help you!

Galena’s product development team can help you bring your idea to life by materializing it into a fantastic product and launching it to the market with the help of our […]

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12.7.2021 / Uutinen

Packaging solutions for your products

Are you looking for safe and secure packaging for your products? Galena offers top-quality and attractive packaging services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and health care products for both humans […]

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21.6.2021 / Uutinen

Meet Kaisa Hautala, our new summer recruit!

Meet Kaisa Hautala, a fourth-year pharmacy student—Biopharmacy major and our new summer recruit at Galena Pharma. Kaisa is a part of our Quality Assurance team and her job responsibility includes assisting […]

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18.6.2021 / Uutinen

Meet Eelis Komulainen, our new summer recruit!

Eelis is originally from Hamina and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Pharmacy with a Pharmaceutical Technology major at the UEF. At Galena, Eelis is a part of the Product […]

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2.6.2021 / Uutinen

Automated capsule filling at Galena Pharma

Let’s look at our latest video on automated capsule filling on LinkedIn! We produce acid resistance capsules for vitamins, iron, and other applications using advanced technologies and innovative approaches. The […]

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2.6.2021 / Uutinen

Quality services at Galena Pharma

Be it pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, or health products—Galena’s quality team can cover it all. Our experts can assist you with the annual evaluation of medicinal products​, audits of analytical […]

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2.6.2021 / Uutinen

Galena Pharma at Lääketietokeskus on 22.4.2021

Our Quality Director, QP, Inka Heikkinen is participating at QA-päivä organised by Lääketietokeskus on 22.4.2021. The webinar focuses on discussing the expertise required in the pharmaceutical industry by organizations and quality professionals in the […]

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2.6.2021 / Uutinen

Manufacturing services at Galena

With a team of highly qualified professionals and modern equipment, Galena Pharma can offer client-tailored solutions to the unique requirements of our clients: either on a single, standalone project or […]

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20.5.2021 / Uutinen

Are you ready for the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 2017/745?

Are your medical devices compliant with the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation of 2017? If not, no worries, we have got your back. After getting the transition period postponed for […]

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22.4.2021 / Uutinen

Galena Pharma – your reliable partner in materializing your medical device ideas into finished products and to market

Galena Pharma offers high-quality services for medical devices under ISO 13485 standard. We can offer our clients either a complete service package or individual services from design up to finished […]

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12.4.2021 / Uutinen

Galena Pharma – your reliable partner in contract manufacturing and packaging

Galena Pharma stands out as a very high-quality manufacturer with a comprehensive service offering covering all customer needs flexibly, efficiently, and competitively. Our production facilities in Kuopio manufacture various contract-based […]

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9.4.2021 / Uutinen

Galena Pharma collaborates with Intera Partners

Here is a part of our press release which was published today: Galena Pharma has grown and invested strongly in recent years and now the growth story continues as the […]

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9.4.2021 / Uutinen

Hand sanitizer! We are all used to using it by now

Hand sanitizer has been in our product portfolio for several years. But to be able to respond to the demand coming from the market, this year our production volumes multiplied. […]

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